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A Little About What We Do

Rainy Day Fuel is revolutionizing the way people fill up their tanks. Your access to gas is right at your fingertips with our app. Simply set your location, and we will send a fully trained and licensed professional to fill up your tank. All you need to do is crack open your gas cap before locking your car. Whether you're at work or at home, we'll have your tank filled within a few hours of placing your order. Download the app now, and let us take care of the rest.

NextGen Framework


Open the app, and set a pin where your vehicle is located. One of our experienced drivers will be there to fill up your car.


If your gas door locks please make sure you pop it open a crack before you lock the car. This way your car is secure.


A certified driver will be on their way to fill up your gas tank. Kick back, and enjoy the time you saved. You will get a detailed receipt after every fill up.

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Next Generation Fueling

Rainy Day Fuel makes ordering fuel simple. Add as many vehicles as you want. Save your payment method. See past orders, and get notified when your vehicle has been fueled.

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Safe and Secure

Our top concern is making sure our customers and community are receiving our product safely and efficiently. We use superior, environmentally compliant tanks to provide our services.

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Today's Gas Prices are

Our prices are based on the Oregon Average Gas Price from AAA Gas Prices.

Regular Gas (87)

$2.69per gal

Mid-Grade (89)

$$2.89per gal

Premium (92)

$$3.05per gal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rainy Day Fuel?

Rainy Day Fuel is an On Demand gas delivery service. Download our app, and never worry about finding a gas station again.

Where is Rainy Day Fuel Available?

Currently we are servicing Beaverton and Hillsboro areas in Oregon. However, we are looking to expand, and the more interest we get the faster we can expand.

Do I need to be at my car for Rainy Day Fuel to fill it up?

No. All you need to do is make sure that the gas tank door is cracked open, before you lock the vehicle and before the driver gets there.

Why does Rainy Day Fuel charge my card $75 when I order a fillup?

That $75 is a pre-authorization to your card and not an actual charge. It allows us to check that everything is good with your payment method before we get to your car.

Is there a fee?

Currently we charge a fee of $5.00. We are developing a subscription plan that will wave all fees.

How fast can I get fuel?

During the Pilot program, we will deliver fuel to your car by the end of business day. Once we expand or service area we will have 3 to 5 hour windows.

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Customer Testimonails

Another amazing service that I can use from my phone. I am really busy at work and never have time to hit the gas station after work. Rainy Day Fuel saves me at least 20 min.

Noah Gildersleeve
Customer Testimonails

I am going to use this service every chance I get. Forget wasting my time, that is time I get to spend with my 9 month old.

Lisa and Matt
Customer Testimonails

This is a great idea. I am so excited that you are coming to Oregon. I hate going to the gas station and waiting to be fueled.

Kyle Thomson

Fueling At Your Fingertips

We currently are offering our services through the IPhone and Android App. However, we are working hard to finish our Fire TV App.